Go deep or broad as an architect

I recently had the chance to meet Anders Hejlsberg during the Service Technical Leadership program. He is an amazing man with a great work story and currently the lead architect for the C# language. During the meeting with him and some more technical fellows he got a question. How should I as an architect evolve?…


Out on the road to Redmond

After parental leave things have been busy… Start-up myself, recap what’s happened during my parental leave (wow CRM 2011 looks really good + all the cloud services)The coming week I’m attending SLTP training in Redmond, very excited and looking forward.

Back after a long parental leave

Starting computer, enjoying drinking caffé with adults (no screaming around or fighting), doing QRP… Yes I’m logged in again 🙂


Techready 10 from my office

Kids are sleeping, Wife is training, Techready 10 is online, doing alright on CS and wine tastes great! It’s not like being onsite but with technology I can do 3 things at the same time 😉  


Today February 27, 2010 -> 6 years ago . . .

I remember this test very well. It was one of the first MS CRM certificate rounds and the questions where harder to understand than the test itself… Time goes fast when you have fun, right J

Offline pictures

Ehh just need to add two pictures taken recently during my parental leave. This picture is taken from a number plate on a car. In Sweden we have a three letter combination and 3 numbers making the car unique. I guess I’m unconsciouslymissing work…   My friend claims it’s from the 60’s and found inside…