Buy vs Build

Buy versus build judge yourself! I would think xRM as a way of accelerate application development.




Buy (xRM)

Locked to vendor

Locked to vender schedules

Customizations to fill GAPs (if any)




Configuration more than development

Faster go to market

Use vender enhancements


Shop GAP’s as modules or vertical solutions

Build (.Net or any other langauges)


Longer delivery cycles

Harder to rapidly change


Tailor application bit by bit

Re-use existing infrastructure

Better control over developer process


Checkout the introduction to xRM for some inspiration

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  1. mhammen says:

    This is a very vage view, I fear…

    If you habe to integrate the software in your existing enviroment, and you have to touch EVERY field (for exact length-limitations or checking for the right   content, and have to build an interface and so on and so on), buying is MUCH more expensive !

    So better look for a better framework with much less limitations than you have with a bought product.

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