Happy New Year

I would like to wish you and yours a very happy and prosperous New Year!!! Looking forward for next year and more blogging Skål, Cheers 🙂    


Hosted CRM movie

A couple of weeks ago I was invited for a recording about hosted CRM. The movie is part of an education package giving partners an overview of some of Microsoft’s products and solutions. Peter Alvmo, Daniel Akenine and MVP Mikael Nyström were recording movies as well. Topic’s are all from benefits by using Vista to Cload…


CRM, Performance Point and MOSS (CRM+PPS+MOSS)

Extending CRM with BI capacity has been on the radar for a while and with the new BI accelerators this will be an easy customization. The same applies to CRM and MOSS integrations. Since I have spent some time in this very interesting area I tough why not share some parts (screen captures). My goals…


Silverlight 2 Launched

Check it out at http://silverlight/launch/


Laptop on memory steroids

Virtualization on my laptop is now a dream!  


Sure step case study

IT Consultancy Improves Project Management and Closes More Deals with Sure Step http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/casestudy.aspx?casestudyid=4000001778 Sure Step is a methodology for implementations, optimizations, and upgrades of Microsoft Dynamics solutions. Sure step provides Rapid, Standard and Enterprise project guidance. Sure Step is a collection of downloadable templates and tools. What do you think? Let me hear your experience?…


Building a new demo disc on Windows 2008 Server

Today was a good day to rebuild my CRM 4.0 demo discs. I started up with downloading latest version of OS (windows 2008 server), to be honest is my first time installing w2008. The installation was super smooth and we have added very nice features to simplify server configuration.  I simple checked my role and…


Demo online

Great place to find cool and usefull solutions http://www.democrmonline.com/  


Back in the office

Expect some more activity from me here soon!


Vacation and house fixing

I proberly won’t blog a lot this summer since I got a house project. We bought our dream house quite near the sport area called Globen. The deal got finalized the same day as I was hosting the MS CRM-E2 (Engineering for Enterprise visit to Stockholm. I bet Amir, Murat and Steve never seen me so happy when I picked them…