Where did my my virtualPC 2007 console go…

On my personal home laptop I have had a quite annoying problem the last weeks (or months). I can’t see my virtual pc console after I start virtualPC 2007. It’s like the console is always minimized and the only way to start any VPC’s is to use the tray function. If I select the ”Show Virtual PC Console” nothing happens… Luckily for me I found a fix. It’s easy and make sure not to have virtualPC running else you won’t be able to edit the options.xml file.

  • Close Virtual PC
  • Go to C:\Documents and Settings\[your account name]\Application Data\Microsoft\Virtual PC\Options.xml (XP) or on Vista C:\Users\[your account name]\Application Data\Microsoft\Virtual PC
  • Open the file in XML Notepad 2007 (or old notepad) and search for the “console” tag.

    For example:

    <height type=”integer”>575</height>
    <left_position type=”integer”>0</left_position>
    <top_position type=”integer”>0</top_position>
    <visible type=”boolean”>true</visible>
    <width type=”integer”>359</width>

    I'm not sure how I managed to "hide" my virtualPC but nevermind it's back now and I'm happy 🙂

    VirtualPC 2007 could be downloaded here http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=04D26402-3199-48A3-AFA2-2DC0B40A73B6&displaylang=en

  • Comments (3)

    1. Mimi says:

      Yes! Thank you! I've been wondering what the heck happened for weeks!

    2. ali says:

      thanks! Mine had disappeared too…

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