10 nice new features in CTP 3 (CRM 4.0)

This is my current list from a business perspective (not the 110001 bits -maybe next blog post?) and it works out-of-the-box.

  • Auto-resolution start writing and press (ALT CTRL - K) for suggestions in your lookup box (Try it on customer field in opportunity form)
  • Converting an Activity (email) to a lead, case ect
  • Duplicate checks
  • Personal workflows
  • Run reports in offline mode + Report wizard
  • Multi currency
  • MUI (Multilingual User Interface)
  • Import wizard
  • Displaying attributes from related records in your personal views (1 to Many Relationship)
  • Background synchronization for outlook offline client

  • Almost on the list is promote more than 1 item from outlook (max20) at a time, synchronize phonecalls, send a hyperlink to current record, mailmerge and "Diagnostic tool for outlook" which I only so far has been reading about but it looks promising.

    When I now think about this maybe I should have done a "20 nice features" list??

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    1. Jonas Deibe har på sin blog gjort en 10 i topp lista över det bästa i Titan jämfört med Microsoft CRM

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