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New Mansions in Search – Advanced Query Syntax

With the Windows Vista General Availability behind us, it’s time to call attention to one of the useful features of the new search facilities in Vista. I am sure that you have noticed that there are “search boxes” sprinkled in strategic places across the user interface, in particular: In the Start menu (this one is… Read more

Character based versus word based search, or Searching with wildcards on Windows Vista

There is a major difference between file search on Windows XP and desktop search on Windows Vista (or on Windows XP with Windows Desktop Search [WDS] installed) that has perhaps not been made sufficiently clear. On Windows XP search is character based. That is, if you search for a string ‘test’, it will find files… Read more

Word Breaking Japanese Is Hard

Recently a Japanese user wondered why searching for “あいう” or “あいうえ” would not find a document containing the string “あいうえおかきくけこさしすせそ” even though searching for “あい” or “あいうえお” would find it. Recall that the default for search in Vista is that we look for words beginning with what you typed, so it was resonable to expect… Read more

Oh what joy

To spill my mind at will, with a readership of millions! Or something. Stay tuned for revolutionary insights, secret passageways, and mindbending opinions. Or something…. Read more

Why is searching for large numbers working poorly in Vista?

Say you have a document containing the number 1234567890 (it might be a part number or an invoice number) and another containing the number 1234567891 (presumably the next part or invoice). You want to find the former document so you do Start > Search and type in 1234567890 but the result contains both documents. This… Read more