TxF Managed Wrapper on Code Gallery

Hello, everybody, I have released the first version of a rudimentary managed wrapper around Transactional NTFS to Code Gallery on MSDN: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/txfmanaged. The wrapper in its current form is very basic but should give developers a good idea on how simple it is to use Transactional NTFS from managed code. Feel free to go grab…


Tech Ed Developer (Europe)

Howdy all, I will be at Tech Ed Developer this week doing several things. First of all, I will be giving two talks: the first on Application Compatibility in Windows Server 2008 outlining the top issues developers need to be aware of when developing for it, and second, a talk on Transactional NTFS as it…


Listing Running Transactions In A Resource Manager

  The more I work with TxF, the more I realize that our (Microsoft’s) coverage of certain KTM topics is sorely lacking. One of those areas is around documentation and samples of managing resource managers (important if you are wanting to investigate programatically the running status of a resource manager). Sometimes, being an evangelist can…


Windows Server 2008 Developer Training Kit

James Conard announces over on his blog that our team has just released the Windows Server 2008 Developer Training Kit for Beta 3. Mosey on over and check it out. You can find resources on everything from WCF, to Cardspace, to WF, to Windows Eventing, to PowerShell, to IIS 7, to Transactional NTFS. So if…


Top Ways To Light Up Your Apps On Windows Server "Longhorn"

Whether you are a developer building web applications, to a developer writing core server based system services, Windows Server “Longhorn” provides many new features that you can leverage to build more secure, flexible, and innovative applications. 1) Build More Flexible Web Applications For developers wanting to build flexible web applications, IIS7 provides a very powerful…


Developer, Meet Server - Transactional NTFS and WCF

I recently posted the second screencast in my new “Developer, Meet Server” screencast series. This latest screencast covers using Transactional NTFS in a service-oriented environment via WCF. Enjoy!


Transactional NTFS and Free Disk Space

Andrew recently watched my screencasts and had some great questions that came up around how Transactional NTFS behaves with the file system. So, I figured I would answer them here. So, if you want to see the context around his questions, check out his post. Here’s the paragraph with the questions: I wonder what happens…


Announcing: New "Developer, Meet Server" Screencast Series

Welcome everybody to the inaugural, first ever, grand opening, “opening the doors to the public” celebration day kick-off for the new “Developer, Meet Server” screencast series. I am your sincere, humble (as ever), gracious and wonderful host/chef/tour guide Jason Olson. In this series of screencasts we will be diving through all the various cool developer-oriented…


LHS Feature Of The Week #11 - Transactional NTFS + USB Flash Drive

Hello everyone, and welcome back to  the “Feature Of The Week” newsletter. This week, we will revisit a prior Fear Of The Week technology that we discussed in order to show off a cool capability of that technology. If you are a developer wanting to mess around with TxF (Transactional NTFS), you should especially read…


Transaction Resources List

I’ll be updating this post over time to reflect new resources that are made available regarding the transactions platform in Windows. Websites: [Transactions] Transactions Programming Forum – MSDN [Transactions] Transaction Management in Windows – Microsoft.com [TxF] TxF Documentation – MSDN Blogs: … (Read More)