The reporting services addin to that needs to be installed on the webfront end servers gave me some grief last week during installation. My customers installation environment was a x64 bit MOSS box, with SQL Server 2008 Entterprise edition on a seperate box. After sucessfully configuring the SSRS in SharePoint Integration Mode on the SSRS…


Activating a feature for all SiteCollections within a WebApplication – MySites

Recently I had to get a feature activated over all 800 MySite of a Farm. The approach I choose was to generate an xml list of all the MySIte URL’s in my farm and use a Windows application to read the XML file and generate the appropriate activation script. a) The step to get all…


How to add a .rsds file as datasource for Reporting Service integration in MOSS

SQL Server 2005 SP2 contains Reporting Services -MOSS integration feature. Reporting Services can be configured to run in Sharepoint Integration Modew where in reports can be managed from MOSS and not from Report Manager. After your Reporting Service Report is deployed to SharePoint Report Library you could configure the report to use the common datasource…


Page Layout Publishing feature Page Attribute issue

Page layouts can be published and deployed using features. Doing the same using features has advantage as compared to publishing the same using SharePoint Designer. Andrew has a very good post on the same. . Use the above link to understand steps involved in creating a Feature and Deploying the same using a feature….


How to configure Cache Profile in Page Layout using Features

Feature framework can be used to deploy Page Layouts. After you have deployed a page layout you could configure the Cache Profile that needs to be assigned to the Page Layout using UI. But what if your requirement was to pre-configure the same with deployment of page layout itself. To know the Cache Profile that…


Delegate control for Sharepoint Search

Delegate controls are a very good mechanism to replace an existing control with another control through a SharePoint Feature. For example a delegate control is declared as <SharePoint:DelegateControl runat="server" ControlId="SmallSearchInputBox"/> The key to have your custom search control appear in place of the above declaration is to ensure the following: a) Create a feature with…


Refine People Search by Additional Managed Profile Properties

The default people search in MOSS refines search results based on Department and JobTitle. When a profile property is created it gets automatically added into the Managed Properties collection. If you need to refine people search by additional profile properties then we need to ensure the following a) A Profile property needs to be converted…