Error Configuring BizTalk SharePoint Adapter on SharePoint SP1

This article provides a workaround for installing the BizTalk WSS Adapter on MOSS SP1 when you receive the following error: "Make sure the site is extended by Windows SharePoint Services. (CWssAdaCfg), " or "The data is invalid.  Click on the error icon to view the error message."


When you click on the error icon, you see the following error.


During configuration, the wizard calls an external program Microsoft.BizTalk.KwTpm.StsOmInterop3.exe which determines whether a virtual server has been extended by SharePoint.  This program takes the virtual server Url as an argument.  The wizard passes the incorrect url causing the configuration to fail.

To troubleshoot the issue, you must find out which url is being passed to the program, and there are two ways to get this information.  With the first approach, you browse to select the Windows group and then click Apply Configuration.


The configuration will fail, but it may provide you with the information you need (I had different results on different servers).  In the following screen, you can see that even though I selected as the site to install the adapter to, the wizard attempted to use http://machinename


To manually test, run the virtual server checker program passing the url:


The second approach to obtaining the url is to use Process Monitor.  Filter the Process Name so that only Configuration.exe is included:


Locate the entry where the call is made to the virtual server checker and obtain the url.


To work around the issue, temporarily add an alternate access mapping that matches the url.  Make sure the Alternate Access Mapping Collection is the one you want to install the adapter to.  Click Edit Public URLs:


Enter the url (in this case http://machinename) and click save


To test the issue, run the virtual server checker program again  You should see Success


Re-run the configuration wizard and the error icon should be gone


You will be able to proceed with the installation



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Comments (4)

  1. Mick Badran says:

    Thanks John – the problem I’ve experienced is no so much with URL paths, it’s been around the actual SharePoint version numbers coming back and the STSOMInterop3 reporting that it doesn’t recognise that there is a site.

    Running this step on a machine WSS pre-sp1, works. Then upgrading to SP1 also works (preserving the bts config)

    I like the cmd line example there.

    Many thanks,


  2. andrei says:

    Hi John,

    I’ve experienced the same  problem that you described on some sharepoint installations and succesfully managed to get around those by applying your fix.

    However, there is a situation when i can’t manage to go further as even the alternate access mapping are ok, the StsOmInterop3.exe  is returning "Invalid URL specified. Details: Index and count must refer to a location within the string. Parameter name: count".

    It seems that it has to do with some internal bug(parsing string or something).

    Have you encountered that before?

    Many thanks.

  3. PaulE says:

    Thanks, John. You hit the nail on the head!

    It may be worthwhile to note that Microsoft.BizTalk.KwTpm.StsOmInterop3.exe does not appear to be in the original BizTalk 2006 installer (R1). It did not show up for me until I installed the R2 version of the adapter (which is WAY easier to install when you are running WSS3 or MOSS2007 than the original which required WSS2).

  4. Rick says:

    Check out the knowledgebase for an updated DLL:

    This worked for us (after staring at it for quite too long…)


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