Public Azure Stack Wiki

Great items stored in a onenote: The Azure Stack Wiki

Got Azure Stack Up and Running at Home

I took some time out today and started the installation process for the new technical preview for Azure Stack. I can say from at least a setup standpoint I am impressed. I followed the directions and really did not have any issues. A couple of things that the document doesnt really make clear in my…

Exchange for IT Pros

Neat link I came across.

Windows Azure CodePlex Patterns

Came across this site today and look forward to digging into it more.

Working with containers

Came across this. Looks like a good introductions to containers.

Architecture for establishing Desktop Access in Azure Ran across this and placing here for future reference. I often get asked about Microsofts recommended approach for hosing desktop like sessions in Azure.

Azure Pack Preview Hardware Requirements

I am very excited about this upcoming preview. Here is a link to the hardware requirements:

Great set of new whitepapers around Azure AD and AD released

They can be found as a single zip or individual documents at the following link. Active Directory from on-premises to the cloud – Azure AD whitepapers