Service Manager Install

As I configure my exploration with system center, I wanted to share that Service Manager takes quite a few steps to prepare for 🙂


Make sure you click the interface refresh after you have updated server access. While the task runs, you wont see the results until you hit the server managers interface refresh 🙂

IPAM introduction

I started working with the IPAM component of R2 and found this guide helpful. Also, as a note, leveraging GPO for enablement is the way to go, but what’s not clear in any of the documentation I have seen is knowing that after you do a server detect, its important to first take any of…

WSF for Managing BitLocker in a task Sequence Thanks to Eric Moe for the link!  

Migrating User State from XP to Windows 8.1

Content on Demand in Configuration Manager 2012

Ran across this capability and wasn’t aware of it. Have anyof you implemented this yet. I have had a couple of customers ask about thiscapability.   For most, if not all piecesof content that require distribution to one or many distribution points, wehave the ability to flag ‘Distributethe content for this package to preferred distribution…