Link to Hyper-v R2 Posters

Helps with getting descriptions of services and new features.    

Service Manager Install

As I configure my exploration with system center, I wanted to share that Service Manager takes quite a few steps to prepare for 🙂


Make sure you click the interface refresh after you have updated server access. While the task runs, you wont see the results until you hit the server managers interface refresh 🙂

IPAM introduction

I started working with the IPAM component of R2 and found this guide helpful. Also, as a note, leveraging GPO for enablement is the way to go, but what’s not clear in any of the documentation I have seen is knowing that after you do a server detect, its important to first take any of…

WSF for Managing BitLocker in a task Sequence Thanks to Eric Moe for the link!  

Migrating User State from XP to Windows 8.1