Office 2010 and deployment with SCCM (and MDT :) )


The link above will give you access to the admin folder for non enterprise versions of Office 2010. This is critical to create a silent install (create an msp and place it in the updates folder of the structure). You activite the Office admin tool by "running setup /admin" once you create the admin directory from the download.


This is the link to the steps for Office 2010 and  SCCM

One snag I ran into, and knew I needed to set this way but can be lost in all the screens for configuration, is that if you don't state the package does not require the user to be logged on (default), while creating the program for the package in SCCCM, it won't populate when you go to create the install application task sequence (whats funny is we test for this condition but not if you actually checked the "can be called from a task box directly" but I chalk that up to learning 🙂

Hope this helps folks!

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