Posting data to a MOSS 2007 list from InfoPath

This weekend I took some time to research and then test methods to post information from an Infopath form to a SharePoint List. My thoughts are to take advantage of the Forms Services capabilities in the Enterprise Edition of MOSS to provide a nice looking presentation in place of the typical add item offered by out of the box SharePoint. I was happy (and lucky) to search two very good examples on how to do this, and wanted to share my findings.

Some key things I learned during this exercise:

  • If you have a space in your column name, you need to put _0x0020_ in in place of you space in your XML file to make sure you get the correct field name.
  • If you change the name of the Title Field (which comes by default with custom lists) you do not need to change it in the XML file. Its name will stay the same.


This is a good starter example. The nice thing about the example below is that it can be published to your site without admin approval (it requires no custom code). The down side is the form is pretty rough on the eyes.

The example below required .Net support to be installed for Infopath to complete. This form will require admin approval and upload, but on the plus side you can format your form to looks as nice as you like.


Below is a forum for discussion infopath and SharePoint issues.



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