MOSS 2007 Links

Architecture, Installation, and Migration

·         Planning and Architecture WhitePaper (Fairly Large Guide, about 1000 Pages in Length)

·         Upgrade Toolkit for Windows SharePoint Services Sites and Templates Guide

·         Working with a Multi-Lingual Site

·         SharePoint Test Data Load Tool

·         SharePoint Tech Network Performance Deployment Planning and Considerations – by Joel Oleson

·         How to configure a Windows SharePoint Services virtual server to use Kerberos authentication

·         Shared Service Providers (SSPs) What Are They... How to's On Delegation – By Joel Oleson

·         Regional Settings in MOSS 2007

·         Geo-Distributed Deployments – By Arpan Shah

·         Topology Models for Various SharePoint Scenarios (note these are poster sized Visio’s)



·         SharePoint Server 2007 Developer Portal

·         SharePoint 2007 SDK Documentation

·         How to Create a Minimal Master Page

·         Overview of the SharePoint Solution Framework by Chris Johnson

·         Creating a Custom Document Library Feature In MOSS 2007 – by Todd Baginski


Content Management and Customization

·         How to Create a Minimal Master Page

·         Creating (A 6 part series on customizing the look and feel of a SharePoint site.)

·         Content Replication in MOSS 2007 – by Tyler Butler



·         Search Evaluation WhitePaper

·         Installing the PDF Ifilter in a SharePoint 2007 Farm (including adding the icon)

·         iFilter Team Blog

·         Enterprise Search Architecture


Records Management

·         Records Management Team Blog

·         IT Showcase - Streamlining Records Management Using SharePoint Server 2007 Workflow


Excel Services

·         Excel Services Product Team Blog


Work Flow

·         Workflows in Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 – MSDN Article

·         Workflow Whitepaper

Knowledge Network

·         Knowledge Network Team Blog



·         WSS Application Templates

·         SharePoint Learning Kit


Discussion Forums

·         Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Forum


·         SharePoint Team Site

·         Arpan Shah

·         Joel Oleson

·         Lawrence Liu

·         Chris Johnson

·         Mike Fitzmaurice

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