SharePoint Portal Server 2003 End-User Training Kit

Now Available: Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 End-User Training Kit   This kit has been specially designed to ensure that SharePoint Portal Server end-users can effectively use the capabilities of the product to better share information, collaborate with others and find relevant information and resources within their organization.   Keeping in mind the unique needs…


Architectural Overview of SharePoint Services

Thanks to Paul Ballard for pointing out this link to me!

Creating a Web Part to Display Search Data from SharePoint Portal Server 2003

This article looks great for helping you build a web part and storage system for search related data, and can be helpful in maintaining your portal taxonomy. Thanks!  


Reverse Proxy, Extranets and SharePoint

A good link I ran across this morning.  


SharePoint Usage Analysis term definitions

Obtained this info today, placing here for reference 🙂 These are the definitions used by the WSS and FP client in summary usage reports (which are stored in the web metainfo): visit: a “total hit” that does not come from within the same server; that is, it either has no Referer header, or it has…

WSRP now available for SPS 2003

Press release can be found here  

Now Available: Scoping and Configuring the Content Index for the Site Directory in SharePoint Portal Server 2003   Abstract: Portal site administrators can manage updates to the content index for the site directory, as well as the searches of sites crawled and included in that content index, by scoping indexing and searching to content source groups. These content source groups can be used in large organizations to manage the crawling…


Portal alert email displays incorrectly in Lotus Notes

Thanks to Jamie Laflen and Larry Kuhn of the Chicago Microsoft Consulting team, and Greg Archer from HP consulting for working this out. Situation: You find WSS or SPS alerts are coming as c.htm attachments in lotus notes mail Solution: There is an administrative, server side, per user setting in Lotus Notes that is set to “Prefers…