A Simple Filtered Lookup

From Lookup:


var lookupItem = new Array;

lookupItem = crmForm.all.new_lookup1.DataValue;



var searchVal = lookupItem[0].name;

 crmForm.all.new_lookup2.additionalparams = 'search=' + searchVal.replace("&","%26").replace("+","%2b");


From Picklist:


var searchval = new Array;

searchval = crmForm.all.new_picklist1.SelectedValue;

crmForm.all.new_lookup1.additionalparams = 'search=' + searchVal.replace("&","%26").replace("+","%2b");


Comments (3)
  1. yotang says:

    I’ve also encountered this problem ago, but do not know how to solve.

  2. Ali Sahib says:

    Hi Friends, While using filtered lookup i am encountering some problem.

    After 15 to 20 mins some of the filterd lookup encounter Error. it Shows only "#" symbol on the popup.

    To resolve this user has to close all IE windows and reopen a new session.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Ali Sahib says:

    Is there any way to fix above issue as it is encountered only in lookupsingle.aspx

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