How to populate CreatedOn with a date in the past

So you are loading data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM and you want the create on date to reflect the historical create date of the record and not the date it was loaded. This can be done by setting the historical date value in the overridencreatedon field on the entity. When the record is created instead…

How to enable ping response on Windows Server 2008

By default windows server 2008’s firewall blocks ping requests. Here is how you can enabled it: 1) Open the windows firewall console. 2) Click inbound rules. 3) Find “File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request – ICMPv4-In)” and click enable rule. (if you need IPv6 you will need to enable that too) Or by command line:…

How to disable the shutdown event tracker in Windows Server 2008

1) Open the group policy editor. Start->run->gpedit.msc 2) Navigate to Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/System 3) Edit the “Display Shutdown Event Tracker” setting and select Disabled.


Find the Entity for a Localized Label

Have you ever exported labels for translation from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and then been left guessing the context of a label? All you get in the spreadsheet for localized labels is the columns object id, object column name and the languages installed (1033, 1036 etc). This does not leave you much to go on for…

A Simple Filtered Lookup

From Lookup:   var lookupItem = new Array; lookupItem = crmForm.all.new_lookup1.DataValue; alert(lookupItem[0].id); alert(lookupItem[0].name); var searchVal = lookupItem[0].name;  crmForm.all.new_lookup2.additionalparams = ‘search=’ + searchVal.replace(“&”,”%26″).replace(“+”,”%2b”);   From Picklist:   var searchval = new Array; searchval = crmForm.all.new_picklist1.SelectedValue; crmForm.all.new_lookup1.additionalparams = ‘search=’ + searchVal.replace(“&”,”%26″).replace(“+”,”%2b”);  


Add the Sample Data Users

Here is a script that adds the sample data users to the AD. Before running you will need to edit this script to enter your domain and organization unit information. AddUsers.bat

CRM Rollups

The following is a list of CRM rollups and their release info. Version Build Release Date RTM 4.0.7333.3 12/19/2007 Rollup 1 4.0.7333.1113 11/24/2008 Rollup 2 4.0.7333.1312, 4.0.7333.1316 1/15/2009, 2/8/2009 Rollup 3 4.0.7333.1408 03/12/2009 Rollup 4 4.0.7333.1551 05/07/2009 Rollup 5 4.0.7333.1644, 4.0.7333.1645 07/02/2009 Rollup 6 4.0.7333.1750 9/27/2009 Rollup 7 4.0.7333.2138 10/22/2009 Rollup 8 4.0.7333.2542 12/17/2009 Rollup…

CRM on 2008 Server and IPV6

When building a Microsoft Dynamics CRM VPC using Windows Server 2008 if you just leave the default network protocols enabled you can run into problems using the CRM Outlook Client. It will not be able to connect to the CRM server. One of the causes of this can be IPV6. For example when you ping…

Holy Recover Batman

In the constant battle for space on my computer I deleted a folder that had a parent VHD in it by accident. Due to the size of the folder as it contained several large VHD files (which I thought I no longer needed) it did not show up in the recycle bin even seconds after deleting it!…