Upload Compressed!

For the longest time I assumed that when uploading CRM customizations it only took a .xml file. It never occurred to me that when I export customizations the .zip file it gives to me can be uploaded too! I always assumed that I could only upload the xml file. Yes you don’t need to extract…

Getting started with Dynamics CRM – Part 1

So you want to be a Microsoft Dynamics CRM guru, where do you start? In the sandbox of course! This entry is about setting up your sandbox where you can learn, test and mess-up a CRM deployment guilt free.  To get practiced in the ways of the CRM you typically need to understand 3 main…


Getting more detailed Errors in CRM

The good news is the CRM UI only provides user friendly error messages. The bad news is that this does not give you a lot of information to go on when troubleshooting a problem. In order to see more details about an error when you are troubleshooting you can turn “DevErrors” on. You can do…


Command Prompt Here!

I find it is often useful when you are setting up your server or development environment to be able to open a command prompt from an explorer window in the folder that the window is on.  Here is a way to set this up:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/320148