Creating scalable web apps with the Service Gateway

Earlier this year we released the Service Gateway, a tool that simplifies the process of building an internet-ready web site or mobile service. If this is your first time reading about Service Gateway then check out my initial post from a few months ago. The nut of it is that with Service Gateway you can…


STEM Labs: A firsthand look at the life of a software developer

Ever since Microsoft DX started hosting hackfests last this year, we’ve seen steady growth in the level of participation. Rarely does a week go by that we don’t have at least one hackfest going on in Redmond or elsewhere. Last week there were three going on, and this week I’m headed to Berlin to join…


Building a massively-multiplayer game on Microsoft Azure

  Every now and again, a really intriguing opportunity comes along that’s just impossible to resist. Age of Ascents is one such case. In the spring of 2013, Illyriad, a small UK games company with an existing massively-multiplayer real-time strategy game, approached Microsoft and said: “We want to build a game that could host the…


Azure Tooling: Deploy Java apps to Azure from JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA

  There’s been a lot of news coming out of Barcelona this week. Whether you work on Microsoft Azure, Windows or Office 365, develop for Windows, iOS or Android, it’s likely that TechEd Europe has had something for you. But one piece of news you may not have read about comes from Microsoft subsidiary Microsoft…


Guidance to Get You Started with Microsoft Azure and CoreOS

  Microsoft Azure made some pretty big news last week and one of the things I’m especially jazzed about is the added support for CoreOS, a new Linux distribution designed specifically for warehouse scale computing environments. Since its release earlier this year, CoreOS has taken the Linux developer community by storm, and for good reason….


Simplifying high-scale computing applications with Orleans

This spring at //Build we announced the preview release of “Orleans”, a cloud programming model that originated in Microsoft Research and is built on the well-established Actor model. What’s great about Orleans is its simple and elegant approach to building distributed, high-scale computing applications, without the need to learn and apply complex concurrency or other…


A Recap of the Edupoint Hackfest

About six months ago Microsoft DX conducted a hackfest with Edupoint, a software vendor based in Arizona that builds Student Information Systems (SIS) – solutions to help teachers track each student’s progress and identify where changes might be needed. For the last several years, Edupoint has been relying on Infrastructure as a Service VMs to…


PART TWO: Microsoft and Skyline Hack Tomorrow’s Manufacturing Technologies

A few months back DX team member Jason Young kicked off a series of hackfests with Skyline Technologies that were focused on helping manufacturers make better use of their data. As I spelled out in a related post earlier this year, manufacturers are swimming in data from a variety of sources throughout the plant, whether…


Project Thali: Giving Users More Flexibility and Control Through a P2P Web

If there’s a common theme among the people on my team, it’s their ability to overcome some of the thorniest technical challenges with what might be considered the most unorthodox of approaches. Yaron Goland is a great example. Throughout a lengthy career at Microsoft (as well as a six-year hiatus outside the company), one of…


A Look Back at Build: DevOps is the continuation of Agile in a Cloud world.

During the first decade of the 21st century, agile methodologies changed the way developers design, build and test software. Since then, we have seen the adoption of cloud platforms by consumer internet companies and the acceleration of deployment frequencies from yearly to hourly (what Kent Beck calls Software G Forces). In response, agile has evolved…