Automatically Launching Local Apps in a Virtual Environment

This article will describe a method for having a locally-installed process automatically launch inside a virtual environment. This method does not require publishing new shortcuts for the local application. Background App-V customers often have interesting, advanced scenarios that require locally installed applications to run inside of a virtual environment. For example, let’s say that the…


HTTP Publishing in App-V (Part 1)

With all the excitement around HTTP streaming in App-V 4.5, many people fail to realize HTTP Publishing has been a feature of App-V since…well…the very first release of SoftGrid. This series of articles will discuss how to build your own App-V publishing server. In this first article, I will go over how to create a…


Application Virtualization video on channel 9 – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I did a follow-up interview with Charles Torre for Channel 9’s Going Deep show.  This time we got to go a little deeper in the architecture.  Enjoy. -John