Automatically Launching Local Apps in a Virtual Environment

This article will describe a method for having a locally-installed process automatically launch inside a virtual environment. This method does not require publishing new shortcuts for the local application. Background App-V customers often have interesting, advanced scenarios that require locally installed applications to run inside of a virtual environment. For example, let’s say that the…

HTTP Publishing in App-V (Part 1)

With all the excitement around HTTP streaming in App-V 4.5, many people fail to realize HTTP Publishing has been a feature of App-V since…well…the very first release of SoftGrid. This series of articles will discuss how to build your own App-V publishing server. In this first article, I will go over how to create a…


Application Virtualization video on channel 9 – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I did a follow-up interview with Charles Torre for Channel 9’s Going Deep show.  This time we got to go a little deeper in the architecture.  Enjoy. -John


Application Virtualization video on channel 9

A couple of months ago I did an interview with Charles Torre for Channel 9’s Going Deep show.  Well, it finally got posted.  Let me know what you think.  Feel free to just post comments on the Channel 9 site and I’ll monitor it and answer them. John


Compile-time Binary Search

  A while back I was writing a generic b-tree implementation that used a memory-mapped file for persisting / retrieving data.  I wanted it to be used in the same way that std::map is, like this:         btree<key_t, value_t> b_tree;   There are a bunch of other implementation details around specifying the file path…


When idle threads bugcheck

Or, when APCs attack REQUIRED DISCLAIMER:  I’m the architect for the Microsoft Application Virtualization product (formerly known as SoftGrid).  However, all information, opinions, anecdotes, facts, pseudo-facts, exaggerations and flat-out lies represent my personal view of the world and not those necessarily held by my team or Microsoft.  You’ve been warned. The Situation Several weeks ago,…


A Very PowerShell Thanksgiving

I had the week of Thanksgiving off.  So, what better time to learn a new technology.  And, since I spend more time in the command prompt than anywhere else on my system, I figured I should get with the times and learn PowerShell.  So, I grabbed Bruce Payette’s ‘Windows PowerShell in Action’ and got to…