LINQ, Anders Hejlsberg, and Wrox press’ SharpZipLib

Call it midichlorians and a mini-convergence of the force. I don’t care. But, the fact is that I experience fun coincidences all of the time. Wrox Press steamroller and publishing friend, Jim Minatel, had posted a comment to my blog. Meanwhile, I had responded to an internal discussion thread about ZIP/UnZIP functions where I mentioned…


Fired up about LINQ

I was pretty pumped when we introduced Generics with the new version of the .NET Framework ( But, I have to say that I am more excited about what we are doing with LINQ. This new initative solves a problem I have encountered on a lot of projects: Why should I use one method to…


Interesting Tech sites and Led Zeppelin’s Moby Dick

I have had a hectic couple of weeks trying to catch up after my surgery. Thanks for you patience with my infrequent posts during that time. But, I am back on my feet, and the posts will start to flow anew. I have appreciated the comments and direct emails with well-wishing from strangers and friends….


Fixing links in Office 2003 Documents

It is common for companies to have loads and loads of documents stored up. It is equally common for documents to contain hyperlinks. But, as we all know, hyperlinks change about as quickly as Courtney Hole’s excuses for drug possession. So, you end up with documents whose links are bogus, and it creates confusion in your company. I started…


Microsoft Word XML Watermarks

I have been working on a solution that includes the auto-generation of Word documents using XML, and the resulting documents include a watermark. Inserting watermarks for end-users is as easy as it probably will ever be in Word 2003. All they need to do is go to Format | Background | Printed Watermark. From there,…


Blog-enable your Office application, Gwen Stefani & the African Dung Beetle

As the many readers of my blog know, I’m all about blogs (thanks to Scoble and Chris Kunicki for getting me started with my blog two years ago). Blog-enabling Office applications is a no-brainer in a lot of situations. But, it has not always been easy…until now. The Visual Basic team here at Microsoft created…


VSTO 2005- Floating vs. Inline Controls in Word 2003 Printing

One of the requests that comes around every now and again is this: Can you make it so that when a user prints a doc from Word, embedded controls don’t print? The answer is “Yes”….IF the controls are floating rather than inline. For example, if you right click on a button embedded in a document, select…


Outlook Reading Pane and Charles Petzold

I am working on a cool Outlook add-in, and it involves knowing if the Outlook Reading Pane is displayed or not and what its size is. This is an extra little challenge because the Outlook OM does not expose any info about the pane. One might guess that the Outlook View would perhaps disclose this…


VSTO Outlook Add-in Sample

While answering some posts in the NG’s, I found one by Jay Harlow, Outlook MVP. He mentioned  how pleased he was with our add-in support in VSTO 2005. That is pure goodness. Anyway,  in our exchange, he mentioned that he has two good VSTO Outlook samples on  his Web site. I have looked at them…


Moving Template Content and Custom Toolbars

Have you ever written great code for a Word template and then wished you had it in another template as well? It’s not as hard as it may seem to move your code from one template to another. You could use good ‘ol copy/paste and re-create the entire thing in the new template, but that’s…