Promoting Office 2010 in Peru

I just completed a much-needed 2 week vacation in Peru with one of my sons. While there, I wore my Office 2010 t-shirt as well as my Office branded hat, and it prompted some conversations about the products--- even while hiking over a mountain pass or two!


While I was away, I wasn’t blogging or even reading email, and that was great!

Now, I’m back, and the blog entries will begin to flow once again. If you’d like to see the brief video montage of my trip, you can find it here:

(created using Microsoft Movie Maker as part of the Windows Live Essentials beta)

Rock Thought of the Day: The National have produced something innovative and fresh with their recently released album “High Violet”. In a world where so-called “indie” bands are sounding as conventional as the over-packaged bands during the final gasps of the Giant Label Era, The National are doing what any great band should do, irrespective of how they strike a distribution deal: Make music that takes us on a new journey.

Rock On

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