Microsoft DevDays 2010 Day #1

It's been an eventful day here at Microsoft DevDays 2010, and the show hasn't even officially started! First item of business is to get to a hotel for rest and get some great food-not necessarily in that order.

My flight was as good as one can expect- the guy next to me, Jim Anderson, was affable but not overly chatty, and he's a soundman on European tour with The Sonics. Jim was the house-sound guy for the Crocodile Café for many years, and it was great to talk to a guy who loves audio like I do.

Finished a great book on the plane: The Lords of Finance about the leaders of the biggest banks in the world and the monetary decisions that led to the Great Depression. Very timely topic. It is truly remarkable how so much of human history is affected on a grand scale simply because two powerful people didn't share the same communication style or a preference for when to take tea.

Arrived in Amsterdam and a car was waiting for me. The long ride in a taxi cab with several hundred cartons of cigarette smoke residue embedded in the upholstry made me wonder if I wasn't getting more osmosis-nicotine than if I had worn the Nicorette patch. Anyway, I shared the ride with Microsoft MVP Scott Allen, and he was truly great company. We had breakfast at a cool place called "Tasty". I then went for a nice walk around The Hague and took this short video of a cheese shop:

Tasty Cheese!

I came back to my room and worked for a while, then slept for the first time since Saturday night. I got three hours of sleep. I've been catching up on email-the currency that I trade in my job. I'm something of a Hedge Fund manager in email messages to my inbox.

Rock Thought of the Day:  Love some of the songs on the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack. The movie was a 2.5 stars, however (don't worry folks-I saw it for free on the plane).

Rock On

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