The Innovation Decision

For over a decade I have enjoyed so very much being a leading voice for custom solutions that integrate with Microsoft Office. The last 7 ½  years of that time have been as a Microsoft employee gleefully carrying my blue-badge with me all over the world. I’ve gone many places and talked with thousands of…


Promoting Office 2010 in Peru

I just completed a much-needed 2 week vacation in Peru with one of my sons. While there, I wore my Office 2010 t-shirt as well as my Office branded hat, and it prompted some conversations about the products— even while hiking over a mountain pass or two! While I was away, I wasn’t blogging or…


Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011: Which Band Should Perform?

As you all know the SharePoint Conference last year in Las Vegas was a great show (here are links to broadcasts of several of our sessions). I followed the show with a ticket to see U2’s 360 concert (unlike any other spectacle in rock-and-roll). Since then, I’ve often been asked, “Is there going to be…


Microsoft Office 2010 General Availability

So, I was at TechEd 2010 talking a lot about Office 2010 solutions development last week and love was in the air…mostly because I gave out hundreds of t-shirts with our URL on them. I would say to people coming to our kiosk, “This shirt loves you” and hand them a shirt. But, I…


Open XML at TechEd 2010

Open XML was a big part of my first session at TechEd 2010 called, “Office 2010: Developing the Next Wave of Productivity Solutions”. The thing that gets the biggest reaction is the Open XML SDK 2.0 “Productivity Tool”– especially the ability to reflect over an Office document to produce C# code that will produce the target…


Microsoft Office Programmability Delivers for Consultant’s Customers

I’ve talked with with many dozens of customers here at TechEd 2010 about Office 2010 and shown them a lot of demos at the kiosk. As they arrive I hand them a t-shirt (hugely popular, btw). Very often the response is: “This is great. I actually do love macros and VBA”. I’m not surprised….


New Office VBA site launch on MSDN

MSDN now features a special site (also accessible via dedicated to Microsoft Office VBA – an important part of the Office 2010 value.   The site presents a clear path for technically savvy users to begin learning how to customize the Office applications to meet their needs. This new MSDN site highlights content for:…


Office 2010 & SharePoint 2010: Platform for Innovation

There’s a great new article by Michael Desmond in Visual Studio Magazine called “Office Alignment: Why Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 are poised to unleash a new wave of developer innovation”. Read it and you’ll get Michael’s always engaging insight into the new products investments in this release, and you’ll read about some key customers who…


Keeping It Real With Microsoft Office: Asking Questions About Solution Design

I just finished a whirlwind swing through Amsterdam, The Hague, Antwerp, and finally Vienna Austria. I’ve already blogged about the first three cities, but this last one is the focus of this post. I went to Vienna mainly to meet with some customers in order to provide guidance around Office solutions and also to gather…


Connect Microsoft Excel To SQL Azure Database

A number of people have found my post about getting started with SQL Azure pretty useful. But, it’s all worthless if it doesn’t add up to user value. Database are like potential energy in physics-it’s a promise that something could be put in motion. Users actually making decisions based on analysis is analogous to kinetic…