Twitter from Excel 2007

I cannot think of any compelling reason for sending a tweet from a form in Excel other than it's kind of cool to know it can be done. Nevertheless, the little add-in for Excel has its charm as an odd little novelty:

How to write your own Twitter client in Excel (Userform version is here)

You can see my little tweet sent from Excel here:

I tip my cap to Chandoo (and JP for the form version) on this one.

Stay tuned for my addition to the app tomorrow--- I intend to add a little mix of technology in there that will make the application more relevant.

Rock Thought of the Day: 

The Black Crowes 'Warpaint' LP is fantastic


Listened to their new CD and it has some of their very best work. Granted, the two previous records were a little bit of a strain in my view. But, this one proves that they have not lost their touch, and they are reaching farther, producing better material than ever. Give it a listen, and make sure you have already set aside the $$ to buy a copy, or it will make waiting much harder.


Comments (6)

  1. JP says:

    Hi John,

    I’m working on some improvements to the add-in. You can add/remove friends, browse your friends list, and the add-in also picks up your userid and password from an optional text file placed in the same folder.

  2. Jon Peltier says:

    Twitter "more relevant"?? he he he.

    BTW, John, good to see you back blogging.

  3. Chandoo says:

    Thanks John…

    @Jon, you are skeptical about twitter? I think twitter is far better than most of the other social mess out there..

  4. My comment about the usefulness was not about Twitter itself! I’m a big fan! Rather, what I meant, somewhat playfully, is that there is no compelling reason why sending tweets should be done in Excel launched from the Ribbon. IOW: there is no swelling chorus in the vast population of Excel users with this demand, "Gee, I love using Excel to put together my sales reports. But, I sure wish I could send tweets from here while I work on my pivot charts." The piece I’m going to add might help us close the loop on this issue by making sending tweets from Excel actually have some functional relevance.

    So– I dig Twitter (have since it came out), and I dig your add-in. It’s all good.



  5. Jon Peltier says:

    Chandoo –

    How do you make sense of it all? There’s too much fluff, even from the few folks I follow.

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