Office 2007 (and beyond) Developer Resources: Looking ahead

Many of the investments developers make in Office 2007 are version-durable (read: they are likely to endure into the next version of Office). Some of the Office 2007 technologies that are so appealing for business productivity solutions are the new Office document format, Word content controls, and the Office Fluent UI (eg: Ribbon).

There are some great resources to help you get into these. I recommend:

It is too early to comment yet on Office 14 specifically, so I will not disclose product details at this time. Nevertheless, there are some things worth investing in now and in looking ahead. The XML file formats, Office Fluent UI, and Word content controls remain exciting technologies and excellent opportunities to extend Office to meet business needs.

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Posted Monday

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  1. *** I’ve updated the books below, but for most Office 2007 developer resources, see my more recent post

  2. Fred Mackie says:

    Good list, John. I would also add the webcasts, podcasts, and virtual labs on the MSDN Office Developer Live site at

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