Job Change: Bring back the blog

I used to blog a lot, and a lot of people used to read my blog. Some people still look at the old archived entries. That's great, and I'm glad people find what I have put there useful.

Nearly 4 years ago I moved from the Office division here at Microsoft to the Visual Studio product team. It was a good move for me at the time. The Office development tools in Visual Studio were at a point of really taking off, and my lengthy experience in Office development made it a good fit.

But, one of the casualties of the job change was the loss of time to continue my blog. I tried many ways of setting aside time to do it, but the demands of my job were exceedingly taxing.

Now, I have changed roles and moved back to the Office division once again. I truly miss my friends on the Visual Studio team. That was the difficult part of changing roles. My friends, Reza, Jing, Lubo, Art, Roger, Ian, Philo, Nikhil, Lily, Eric, and so many others became quite important to me there.

So, now I am a senior product manager of Office developer marketing in Office, and I'm making new acquaintances while treasuring existing ones.

In my new role, I have more flexibility in my days and weeks, and it is easier for me to carve out time to blog, to experiment with new technologies, to read what others are saying in the community, and to stay current with trends.

So, if you have given up on my blog in the past-- I hope you'll come back! I will have new samples, snippets, tips, and tricks. I have so many things stored up in my brain and in a folder I have continually maintained called "BlogIt" that I will have plenty to post.

True to tradition, here's my...

 Rock Thought of the Day: My favorite band (other than my own band with my sons, "Atlas Fallling") the Smashing Pumpkins have put out a two disc DVD set called "If All Goes Wrong". It features a disc with interviews--- very insightful stuff and a disc with concert footage. The concert footage has excellent audio quality. Get this DVD, and...


Comments (3)

  1. bucky says:

    Welcome back john, look forward to catching up with your blogs…. Rock On!!

  2. aconnell says:

    Some of us never left… we just patiently waited 🙂

    Congrats on the move dude!

  3. Chris K says:


    Wow over 4 years, how quickly time goes by. Congrats.


    P.S. I keep my eye on ya! (minnesota speak)

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