Office Developer Conference 2006- Summary

Last week was exhausting but a heckuva a lot of fun. We had a Software Design Review (SDR) with well-known VSTO devotees. An SDR is essentially a chance for the product team to acquire really early reactions to proto-thinking about our product development.

We want to be as transparent as possible while not compromising our market power. It's always a careful balance. It is vital for us to hear reactions to very early thinking.

Then, there was the Office Developer Conference. I did my presentation on Thursday. I was glad that there were still a lot of people at the show. Presenting on the last day of any show can be a bummer if every one has already headed for home. We had plenty of international representation at the show, customers from Finland, Italy, Japan, and more. It's great to see.

My presentation went well, I think, based on the feedback I received. My demos worked without interruption, and that is always the best. I wasn't worried. Big thanks to all of the attendees of my session. I couldn't be that hyper if it were not for them. I truly enjoy the personal association more than anything about my job.

Seeing friends from General Mills, Faegere & Benson, and other Minnesotan connections is wonderfully satisfying. Man, I miss real Minnesota thunderstorms. We just don't have them here in western Washington (the people who grew up here think they have thunderstorms though, so I do not mention it much. They get a little touchy about it).

Now, I am back into work.

 Rock Thought for the Day: My son, Andrew, and I laid down a great start to a song over the weekend. He is making uncanny progress in his drum playing, and he's not even 12. I listened to what he was playing and then threw in a riff that just stuck with us. The more I played it, the harder he hit the skins. I played harder. We were both sweating and having a blast. I decided to record it with an open mic so we would not forget what we were doing. We are working on a bass part for my son, James, to do. I need to listen to it more times to figure out a good melody over the top. It's played faster than I'm accustomed to doing, and my fret hand is still weaker since my accident and surgeries so it was getting tired. It's a great problem to have, though, and I'm grateful to be playing at all.


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  1. Bill Williamson says:

    John, I attended your session at the Developer’s conference.  Just wanted to let you know that the content was right on target.  And, to me, nothing boosts a preso more than the sincere enthusiasm the presenter has for the topic.  Yours made the session completely enjoyable.



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