Unsung Heros of Office Development

I think I am going to more frequently  call out people who amaze the heck out of me. The biggest risk is that I mention someone and not someone else, and then there is unrest among MVPs and community leaders for Microsoft.

But, I am going to take the chance that we're all grown-ups here and have enough maturity to patiently take satisfaction in the success of others and wait our turn. If you think you should be mentioned, just email me and tell me why. Since my brain injuries, my memory is not so good (sadly true), so I forget the obvious too often now. Oh well....I'll take the heat, so here goes the first UHOD: Unsung Hero/inne of Office Devleopment

First up:

Sue Mosher

She doesn't hear enough how flat-out incredible she is and how much we, at Microsoft appreciate her. She is knowledgeable about pretty much every facet of Outlook Development imaginable. She's in the newsgroups constantly. She answers the most trivial questions with the same grace and respect as she does when answering some thorny MAPI question. Her site is really useful and well organized. She is pleasant, kind, cheerful, and has an infectious smile. She has forgotten more about Office development than most people know. She is a great writer, a fine speaker, and has keen insights on what customers need, deserve, and must have.

 Second Rock Thought for the Day: I'm planning to go to the ShowBox tomorrow night to hear From the Fall live. Great original work. Come join me!

Rock On

Comments (2)

  1. I agree John, Sue has proved time and time again to be a great resource.

  2. Sue Mosher says:

    John, you’re always so kind. And you’re so right about how much I’ve forgotten! What keeps it fun is having people (you and JP included) remind me of those forgotten facts and come up with new techniques all the time. Thanks!

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