C# Examples to improve your VSTO coding

OK– I’m down to having only 12 IE windows open. After this post, there will be only 11.

Many of our VSTO examples are in C#. There are plenty of examples in VB.NET as well. Frankly, I don’t give a fig which one people want to use. For my part, I barely notice that I switch between them. I find each so comfortable that when I copy sample code from documentation or previous projects I have created, I often paste C# code in a VB project or VB.NET code in a C# project. It is only after typing a line or two later that I notice my mistake.

It’s kind of like speaking a foreign language. I have spoken French for so long that I don’t give it a thought. I feel as comfortable in French as I do English, although my vocab in the former is not as rich in some areas. Sometimes, if I am speaking to one of my kids or a friend in French, I’ll turn to my wife and keep speaking French. She understands it, but she will remind me to switch back to English.

I wish I could be that glib about thousands of other things, but since my accident, I think slower, and this frustrates me.

Anyway, here is a link to a good site with good code and explanations for those who ask questions like, “What are the gotchas for debugging Unicode apps?” or “How does memory allocation in .NET work?” Granted, the answers are not as deep as one could go, but they are a great point of departure for those who are not sure what questions to ask or how much they need to know.

 Fifth Rock Thought for the Day: I was sad to hear that Pete Townshend is nearly deaf. Too much loud rock music. Hey, if you are going to lose hearing…there’s no better way. That said, it’ll be a big change for him.

Rock On

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  1. Jon Peltier says:

    "OK– I’m down to having only 12 IE windows open. After this post, there will be only 11."

    Use Maxthon or something. One window, a bunch of tabs….

    Rock On

  2. Actually, you can get this through MSN’s IE toolbar. It does tabbed browsing. I use that, but I still dislike having so many open pages because I know that each open page has data I want, but I’m too lazy to copy it down or add it to the bloated list of favorites I already have. It’s more about ‘me’ than the browser.

    Keep rockin.

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