Debug VSTO Add-in or Customization

One of our best supporters in the MSDN forums, Dave (davidthi808), asked an excellent question the other day:

If an Add-In does not load, what is Microsoft's suggested approach to resolving why it won't load?

(for the record, Dave’s excellent sleuthing skills [not computer hacking skills or nunchuck skills a la ‘Napoleon Dynamite’] helped him solve his immediate debug problem, so props to Dave)

The answer is “out there”, but it is scattered all over. So, I thought I would bring the answer together in a more orderly way:

  1. We have a couple of MSDN items that address this issue head on. They are:

  2. Peter Torr has a great blog post (he has many of those) about troubleshooting your Office customization. It’s a must-read:

  3. You should look at Andrew Whitechapel’s book on Office Interop. Here’s a key chapter:

  4. You can attach the CLR process in your debugging so you can see precisely how the .NET is handling things under the hood. This is a technique many developers do not know, but you can learn more about it in this MSDN topic:

  5. You can set VS.NET to pump out more exceptions by going to Debug|Exceptions and adding CLR exceptions.

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