What are people saying about the Office 12 XML ECMA Standardization?

It's big news: We are working with other big companies like Intel, Toshiba, and Apple, to make the Office 12 XML file formats full-blown standards.

This means a big change in our licensing as well: they are not just royalty free (as with Office 2003); there is a covenant not to sue for use of our XML schemas. This should make it a lot easier for General Public License-oriented devs and ISV's to take up our schemas and include them in their plans.

Learn more about it here: http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/features/2005/nov05/11-21Ecma.mspx

Here are links to what people are saying:

 Rock Thought for the Day: Regular readers know my love affair with the guitar riff. It is amazing to me that a few notes can be played so differently and give rise to so many songs. One album that has riffs I like and vocals I despise is Obituary's recent album, "Frozen in Time." This is a metal band from Florida, and they were silent for several years. The newly release album is a strong statement of their intentions. But, I just dread cookie-monster vocals. Nonetheless, the musicality is strong with each song being essentially a string of riffs. It is definitely unique in that way and worthy of mention.

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