Office 2003 Virtual Developer Labs Online

I've been meaning to make sure I gave this a plug for a few days, but it's been busy. We are working hard on VSTO, and schedules are (no surprise) always tight. I'm developing a cool solution sample in VSTO, and it does some funky XML stuff that I'll be demo'ing at Tech Ed (Wednesday June 8 at 8:30 in Room S 220 E).

Anyway, here at Microsoft we really do listen (most of the time<g>) and we are trying to come out with more developer assistance of a greater variety. Our latest is the Office 2003 Online Developer Labs. My buddy, Joe Andreshak has done a great job in bringing more and more things like this to the public.

Basically, these labs are a lot like a terminal services session, and you have a full environment. But, you can't save any docs back to your real-world. Sorry, gang. We need to keep the lights on around here, so it's a good thing if people buy the actual product (shock).

Anyway, the sign up takes about 2 minutes if you are slow. It's easy to get going. You should do these before Tech Ed if you are new to the dev features in Office 2003.

 Rock Thought for the Day: As I have mentioned before, I like the technical work in some metal, and the lyrics can at times be thoughtful. Nonetheless, an entire album of anxiety, angst, and anger is over the top. Smell some lilacs, gang, and freshen up the perspective a bit. If you do want the lyrics to pretty much every metal homage to self-loathing, then you can find them at There is a fan site for everyone, I guess.

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