Office 2003 PIA Re-distributable package

As I have mentioned before, even though a huge portion of code "out there" in solutions for Microsoft Office is COM-based (VBA or VB6) code the unmistakable trend is toward writing in the .NET Framework targeting the Office OM's. However, up to this point, the only way to install .NET Programmability support for Office 2003 is through Office setup. With the ascendancy of Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System makes the need for a redistributable package for the Office PIAs more and more important.

Well, it's here:

Redistributable Office 2003 Primary Interop Assemblies Package

BTW: It is also worth reminding folks of the Office 2003 PIA Sample Launcher, a nice little app than runs tidy managed samples against the Office OMs (We fixed the article so that it has a link to the bits). Ken Getz did such a fantastic job on this, and it helps that he is good company!

I really miss Culvers frozen custard back in Minnesota. Sadly, Washington state is crazy only about elaborate, over-priced coffee. Frozen Custard is really where it's at!

 Rock Thought for the Day: Billy Corgan has polished off his first solo album, TheFutureEmbrace. It will be released June 21st. Jimmy Chamberlain plays for him on one track. It's nice to know that their friendship endures.

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  1. Roger Munter says:

    Can anybody help me out? I’m in over my head. I’m creating a form in Word (Microsoft Office XP Professional) and I’m trying to create a field that automatically inserts the date of the following Monday (or Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.) from whatever today is. Is there some simple way to do this? I’d really appreciate any help anyone has.

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