Office and my Tech Ed demos- sneak peak

I am perhaps a bit late with this one, but I was reading about the Acid2 test on slashdot.

I need to dig in a little more to understand the specific requirements of the test. I've done a ton of browser programming and the only thing I have learned is that there are no easy answers. Sure, we can get excited about Firefox, rip on the IE team (most people do not criticize for the right reasons, actually), but browsers have not yet been fully commoditized technologically because they operate in an amalgamation of so many standards and morsels of techniques. I still think we are going in the right direction, but time takes time.

I'm working on my Tech Ed demos. Here's how it's shaping up: I am of course giving the nod to getting data into documents via XML and the task pane. However, I am also going to address doing something with data once it's there. I decided to take on an actual issue we have here in-house: title casing. It's a simple thing, really. but the issue is nonetheless important.

Basically, you have a title in a document. You want to make sure that the casing is done for a Title Like This rather than Like this, or like this. What about foreign languages or other target audiences? I will use XML and ISmartDocument to handle this issue. There are other things I am doing, but I don't want to spoil it all now- You need to come to the show!

 Rock Thought for the Day: I met a new colleague here at Microsoft. When I met him, he had on a Fender shirt. He looked like a possible metal player: he plays in a band From the Fall. I have like what I have heard (despite dry studio work). Good riffology and the right types of effects. With the right production, the vocals could be much more present and effectual. They should be scarier than they are (like Alice in Chains). Good stuff.

Rock On

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  1. For me, the VSTO is a complete waste of space – what’s the point of allowing Visual Studio users to create their own spreadsheets through

    VSTO when they can do the same much more easily in Excel

    what I’m really interested in is the fundamental gap pointed out in chapter 22 of

    the stephen bullen book namely allowing .NET code (functions and class libraries) to be called from Excel

    what i’m doing at the moment is writing all my vba user-defined functions in base 0 using a subset of the language that can, via, be translated into c# using instant c sharp from tangible software solutions

    along the way, i’m writing my own functions where i need greater accuracy than the built-in excel functions such as normsdist

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