.NET, Interop, and Office XML

I received a mail from Dino Chiesa (his last name means 'Church' in Italiano!) with a link to his blog on .NET and Interop (and he doesn't mean just COM interop, my friends). I like the focus of his blog, and he writes well.

I'm working on a transform to go help customers move from OpenOffice XML format to WordProcessingML via XSL. I was looking at the "documentation" for the OO XML format. I compared this to our XML Reference Schema documentation. Uh....it's not much of a comparison really. In all fairness, there's a lot more I would still like us to do, but I am pleased to say that we deliver some really good documentation for developers.

 Second Rock Thought for the Day: I heard Chevelle's new song "Clincher". I like it. Nothing that I'll be talking about 10 years from now, but very likeable nonetheless.

Rock On

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