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Office Zealot is driving a lot of community involvment for Microsoft Office programmability. One of their efforts is a "pod cast". They record and interview and make it available for download. They just hosted their second one, and I happened to the be person they interviewed (don't hold that against them).

Here's a summary of our discussion from their site:

Welcome to our second pod cast, the internet talk show for users and developers of the Microsoft Office System. In this show we interview John Durant of Microsoft Corporation. John talks about his role as the as the chief editor of the Office Developer Center on MSDN. He also shares with us some insights in how content is selected, how search is optimized on MSDN and his take on the future of Office programmability.

Check it out here:

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Comments (5)

  1. Mike says:

    Great interview! You guys have to live in the same office tho…it sounded like you were talkingthrough a couple of tin cans connected by string!

  2. Tobek says:


    Great podcast, thanks.

    For me, who seldom works with Excel (mostly Word, Outlook, and Project), the XML thing is still frustrating. For me, the killer feature for Word would be an import feature – what I think of as an XML "mail merge". Despite all the requests you get, I’ve never wanted server access to Word docs 🙂

  3. Glad you like the pod cast. I agree that a clean Import feature would be nice to have baked in…but! You can do your own extension for Word and make it happen on your own.

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