Microsoft Office and an E! True Hollywood Story

I've done a lot of embarassing things in my life. I'm guessing I'm not alone. Fortunately, enough people move in and out of our lives that things fade and are forgotten (mostly...). Well, sometimes companies do things that are not easily forgotten, for better or worse, like Bob or Clippy.

So, I ran across this rather amusing post by Alex Blagg: Clippy the Microsoft Office Paperclip: the E! True Hollywood Story.

I love the ending.

I am so jazzed about Tech Ed. It's going to be a reunion this year- a Minnesota reunion. Old chums from Minnesota, Charles Maxson, Chris Kunicki, Tom Abraham, and even UK ex-pat Matt Nunn (spent some winters in MN) will all be there. I know I'll run into others like Ken Getz, Mary Chipman, Andy Baron, Brian Randell, and a large collection of usual suspects.

One of the benefits of these shows that is often overlooked is what you can learn just hanging out, swapping stories, exchanging ideas. I always look forward to that (and the deluge of food! though I am still 123 lbs).

 Rock Thought for the Day: So much commerical rock and roll today is just too conventional- not willing to take many chances. Many indie artists lose their edge when the 7 album deal gets inked. I used to be the soundman for a band that hit the bigtime, and I have seen how the business works. I hear a lot of songs on the radio today that are just re-treads of what was done before- only not as good. Here's a solid offering from 10 years ago: Silverchair's Frogstomp.

Rock On

Comments (7)

  1. Scott says:

    Your link to the blog doesn’t work. Also, what band did you do sound for?

  2. Your link to the "Clippy" story doesn’t work.

  3. Glen says:

    Could you take another peek at that link (Clippy), it is invalid.


  4. Sorry about the link problem. In my haste, I copied the wrong one.

    Anyway, it should be fixed now.


  5. Alex Blagg says:

    wow, thanks for the link

    did you have something to do with clippy?

  6. Alex,

    I didn’t have anything to do with Clippy- thank heavens.

    That said, the Microsoft Agent technology that worked under the hood is one of the coolest things we ever produced.

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