Excel 2003: Infer XSD on XML Import

When you import XML data into Excel

End-User: Data | XML | Import

Code: ActiveWorkbook.XmlImport

Excel attempts to map the XML to a schema. Now, if you do not have a schema already mapped in the workbook, Excel creates a new one for you. But, what rules does it follow? How does it know what will be an element? How does it handle datatypes? What types constructs are not supported?

Well, we just published an article in this regard:

How Excel 2003 Infers XSDs When Importing XML Data

If you are building Excel XML solutions, this is an important article for you. Granted, it's a reference-style content item, so it has no cool sample code. Nevertheless, it's useful information. If you are new to importing XML into Excel, I wrote an article that shows what it can do: Importing XML Maps, XML Lists, and Dynamic Chart Sources in Excel 2003.

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