Microsoft Office Development- while you exercise!

I know- you can't stop thinking about developing for the Microsoft Office System. You wake up in the morning chanting, "WordprocessingML, SpreadsheetML, CommandBar, CommandbarControl, DoCmd, Documents.Add", and more frighteningly- long lists of Extended MAPI Properties!

Your friends ask you, "Are you feeling okay?" (Pink Floyd- the Wall) because you are always distracted, thinking about your next killer Office productivity app. You forget to eat (except for overly caffeinated sodas), and your love-life is now a "nice-to-have". (wish I could include the Howard Dean, "YEAAAAH" audio here)

Somehow, you squeeze in some time to exercise, and while you are on the treadmill or (better yet!) riding bicycle out on the road, you listen to an OfficeZealot PodCast on your portable music player. Yes, you can listen to 45 minutes to an hour of geek-speak while sweating to a Richard Simmons video.

The first one is about Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System (VSTO 2005). OfficeZealot kingpin, Chris Kunicki, and his consigliere, Charles Maxson, are lining up more casts. You should suggest topics- I am guessing they would love to know what you want to hear.

 Rock Thought for the day: Just released is a DVD: Yes- Songs from Tsongas- 35th Anniversary Concert. Some people only remember them from the 80's when they had some pop hits. But, this was a later re-invention of the group. The 70's saw them doing great, innnovative material in the prog-rock genre. Someone needs to write a decent book that is an homage to prog-rock. If one exists already, please let me know.

Rock On

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  1. Michael Ames says:

    On Yes —

    Your rock thought broght back memories of jamming to Anderson-Bruford-Wakeman-Howe’s, "Brother of Mine", in my big brother’s cherry red Chevy Citation sometime in the late 80’s. Powerfull stuff.


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