New Programmability Content including XSL-FO for WordProcessingML

Just a quick note here: we just published some new content. First, there is an article (with code download) by Word MVP Extraordinaire, Cindy Meister, Automating Word Tables for Data Insertion and Extraction. As Cindy says in the article, "One of the bigger mysteries for developers unfamiliar with the Word object model is determining the most appropriate method to automate the creation and formatting of tables in Word." Well, there is no mystery now that Cindy's article is out there.

The second item is by Saul Candib- stellar writer for Visio programmability. The article, Step-by-Step Guide to Building Shapes in Visio 2003 ShapeStudio, takes you through the use of the shape-development tool, now to build shapes and defind their behaviors, as well as how to build the final stencil to hold the shapes.

The third item is Transforming Word Documents into the XSL-FO Format. WordProcessingML is hot, hot, hot- and I have been asked a number of times about using XSL-FO to transform Word documents into other formats. This article, written jointly by the folks at RenderX (leader in XML content integration) and our Word programmability writer, Mark Iverson, shows how to use XSL-FO and WordProcessingML together.

The fourth item is about Using the Excel 2003 XML Tools Add-in Version 1.1 written by our own Frank Rice. We all know that Excel 2003 has great XML support, but wouldn't it be great to have a tool to simplify some tasks such as converting ranges to list with some quick customization, creating an XSD for a schema behind an active cell, refreshing XML maps in the workbook, or viewing the XML properties of a given cell? Yeah. It would be nice. That's what this tool does. What I would like to see is an expansion of XML tools for Excel, however, much like we have with the Word 2003 XML Toolbox.

 Rock Thought for the day: I don't have TV channels at my house, but we have a VCR. I had some friends tape the Grammy's for me so I could catch a few highlights, if there would by any. The best song of the show without question was Green Day's American Idiot. They did what a punk rock band should do: they lit the place up with a rebel yell. U2, whom I love dearly, were to pensive. They should have done Vertigo. It's what we wanted to see. As I watched Green Day unleash on the crowd I thought, "Even the hip-hop devotees are wishing they knew how to rock like this." Thanks Green Day for showing people how it's done. The unquestionable low point (there were many) was the duet with Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. Man, she so off key. She sang flat throughout the song, and the dramatic backdrop was laughable. I think Mark can sing though.

Rock On

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