Microsoft Office Developer Conference- quick recap

You are probably wondering why my blog has been stale for a week or so. Well, I have my real job I do, and I also had the Office Developer Conference last week with Envision just before that. It's been a bit crazy getting demos to firm up, being available to conference attendees, and staying on top of the hundreds of mails that pour into my inbox every day.

It is fair to say that having Bill Gates do the keynote for the show was a monumental event. I've never seen him before in person, so that was different. I had spoken on his stage just the day before, so I was able to use his setup. Let's just say it is first rate. The clicker for advancing slides was not always responsive though. Whatever.

For my part, I did two presentations: one on Visual Studio 2005 Tools For the Microsoft Office System (ridiculously long name), and one on Research Services for Office 2003. Both sessions appear to have been well-received, and the way I organized my presentations acheived the effects I had hoped for. A lot of people also asked me about the Stock Allocation Demo for VSTO 2005 (I was running Beta, of course). There is a VSTO 2003 version out there already. The 2005 version will hit the VSTO section of MSDN in the not-too-distant future.

My next few blog entries will be dedicated uniquely to VSTO 2005, so tune it. I have some good stuff in the hopper for this.

 Rock Thought for the day: My friend, Christian Buckley, lent me Sunny Day Real Estate's album from 2000, The Rising Tide. I did not know how much they are indebted to Yes. It was remarkable in that way.

Comments (6)

  1. Nino says:

    Can I get a copy of your VS Tools for MS Office demo?

  2. Dorai Thodla says:


    I was in your Research Services session. Really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot for such a lively talk.

  3. Mart Muller says:

    The demo’s you gave on the DevCon 2005 were great and I think a lot other attendees will agree with that! So thanks for showing the cool new VSTO stuff and I look forward to your upcoming blogentries.

  4. Joan Vanc says:

    I was forunate to be able to watch you and Mr. Bill Gates. It was a real delight for me. Understanding it all from your view is an added plus. You did your job and it really made an impact.

  5. David says:


    Not to sound like a "me too", but your sessions at the Office Dev conference were excellent! Just another pat on the back in case they didn’t give you the comments from the feedback forms.


  6. Hey, I have really, really appreciated the positive feedback from presentations I did at the show. The audience made it fun and worthwhile. If the audience is into it, my job is much, much easier. I have never seen such enthusiasm around Office development. It was a great moment for the platform.

    Rock on!

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