Debug VSTO Add-in or Customization

One of our best supporters in the MSDN forums, Dave (davidthi808), asked an excellent question the other day: If an Add-In does not load, what is Microsoft’s suggested approach to resolving why it won’t load? (for the record, Dave’s excellent sleuthing skills [not computer hacking skills or nunchuck skills a la ‘Napoleon Dynamite’] helped him solve…

Consolidated List of Word Developer Resources

*** I’ve updated the books below, but for most Office 2007 developer resources, see my more recent post. I posted a copious number of resources that can help you with your Outlook development, and here is a similar post for Word. I’ll maintain this, and if you can think of things I have missed, please…


VSTO Forum: Outlook 2003 Blocked Senders List

One of the questions on the VSTO msdn forums was about how to access the Blocked Senders list in Outlook. As you probably know, you can block the email address of a sender so that their mails no longer clutter your inbox. Heaven knows we can all use that! I wouldn’t mind getting spammed for…


Office Upgrade Best Practices: Office 2000 to Office 2003

There is a ton of useful information flitting about on various email threads at Microsoft every day. This one comes from Marc Janssens, a technical account manager for customers in Belgium/Netherlands. I used to live in Brussels (1985–1987) when I was 19, so I naturally adore people from Belgium anyway. Marc put together a list…


Consolidated list of VSTO Outlook resources

When I answer questions in the forums or ng’s, I point people to to get up-to-date content for VSTO Outlook. However, the site, as great as it is, displays mostly just official Microsoft content. It’s good content (despite the fact that I have written a good share of it), don’t misunderstand. But, there are…


What are people saying about the Office 12 XML ECMA Standardization?

It’s big news: We are working with other big companies like Intel, Toshiba, and Apple, to make the Office 12 XML file formats full-blown standards. This means a big change in our licensing as well: they are not just royalty free (as with Office 2003); there is a covenant not to sue for use of…


Another Cool Outlook Add-in using VSTO 2005

Yesterday, I mentioned the My.Blogs Outlook add-in sample and the accompanying article. Today I mention another add-in created with VSTO 2005: Creating an Outlook Task Add-in Solution with Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office. This sample was created by my colleague, Naveen. The article was written by me. All of the source code is available…

My.Blogs and VSTO Outlook

I am so behind on a couple of things- I’m a few days behind on a chapter for my book. I should have it wrapped by Saturday. I’m a day behind on an article for MSDN Magazine. I should have it wrapped today. I feel like crud, and I have loads to do at work….


VSTO 2005 Launch- Ready to Rock am in San Francisco right now for the VS 2005, BizTalk 2005, and SQL Server 2005 Launch. Because I always do a Rock Thought for the Day, I’m pretty pumped that our theme for the Launch is “Ready to Rock”. To top it off, Cheap Trick is playing tonight, and that is very cool….


Microsoft Announces ‘Live Software’ Initiative

Here are just my notes from the announcements today: Bill Gates just announced Microsoft’s latest Big Bet: Live Software. If you think it’s all just marketing speak (I admit that at first, I was leaning that way), please read my whole entry. The demos they did were pretty darn convincing. He called this a “new…