WordProcessingML, XML, and Lists

Looking at the XML format for Word documents, I have been focusing on lists and how they are articulated. In great measure, things are pretty easy to grasp by looking at the XML. Here’s the low-down: Lists are defined in the XML as a type of template. That list definition is assigned an ID to…


NotifyIcon and My Manager

Last week, my manager sent me a mail expressing his annoyance that sometimes his laptop (which has a dent in the cover, I might add) does not retain his KeyboardDelay setting. Basically, it’s that setting in Control Panel | Keyboard that lets you specify how much delay you want for character repeating. He asked if…


Microsoft Word 2003: WordProcessingML Transform Inference Tool

OK- things are getting really exciting in the Word development universe. I am really happy to announce that we have published the WordProcessingML Transform Inference Tool. What good is it? Let me give you a scenario. Say you have a bunch of XML files that get pumped out of system <fill_in_the_blank> every day. You often…


Microsoft Office Word 2003 SDK

Developers that target Microsoft Word are a different breed in some ways. I think they are especially patient, and they are traditionally under appreciated. I have seen so many amazing things done with Word development, and the powerful XML support in the 2003 release has ushered in a new era of developing with this product….