Microsoft Office 2003 Research Services and the RSDE

The Research Services Development Extras are a gift that just keeps on
giving. In writing an article for an up-coming issue of MSDN magazine I wanted
to call attention to the RSDE. I think the Research Service task pane is one of
several key reasons why people should upgrade to Office 2003. The built-in
providers are quite good, and developing your own is actually a good time. The
RSDE make it considerably easier.

One of the features in the RSDE is a wizard that uses some basic
dialogs to gather info and then generate a set of classes for you that form the
foundation of your service. I was blown away by one key feature in the wizard
(and I am usually ANTI-wizard as a matter of principle)- you can choose a
datasource and let the RSDE build a data layer for you. It's nothing short of
world-class. If we had not developed the RSDE, I would really regret it. It is
easily one of the sharpest toolkits we have ever done.

For general information about Research services, go to the
dedicated section on our href="">Microsoft site.
For developer stuff, check out the Research services section of the href="">Office
Developer Center.

As a side note, I was helping one of my boys with his homework last
night, and I showed them how the Research task pane worked. They were EAGER to
start their assignments. It was fun for them. Thanks, Office!

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