Office 2003 Smart Tag Developer Tools are live

We have published the href="">Office
2003 Smart Tag Developer Tools. These include some essential tools that help
you when you are developing and testing smart tags. For example, the
Smart Tag Explorer presents a nice interface for viewing all of
the installed recognizers and action handlers along with their types and other
information. There is also a Recognizer Tester than lets you
test recognition without having to deal any other applicaiton issues. Thus, you
more effectively isolate problems. These were part of the Smart Tag Enterprise
Resource Kit released in the Office XP timeframe, but now they have been
enhanced, updated, and made to work nicely with Office 2003.

If you are new to or experienced with smart tags, you
need these tools
. You should also check out the href="">
Office Developer Center's smart tag area.

I am wanting to write more about smart tags because I am quite enamored with
this Office feature. I will do that in a couple of weeks, as I have a lot going
on, including my final preparation for my final bicycle race of the year. I have
the Bogus Basin Hill Climb coming up on September 11th in Boise Idaho. It's a
15.5 mile climb- that's it. I need to buy a new front wheel (still!) as my
Bontrager RaceX Lite was destroyed when I had my accident in April. My bones are
mostly healed, but it is still difficult riding. Whatever. I am in good shape
(down to 122lbs), but my wattage output is up. That's the way it's supposed to
be for good climbing. I'll post my results of the race here when I am done.

Thought for the day:
  Billy Corgan is finishing up an album,
and his book of poetry goes on sale this fall. It turns out that Amazon is
taking advance orders. Jimmy Chamberlin has his solo vehicle, the Complex, on
the launching pad. I am eager to hear both of their new recordings.

Rock on

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  1. Bill says:

    Down to 122! how tall r u man?

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