Reflector and Reflector Add-ins: I salute you

I wrote a little utility about 1.5 years ago called ScreenRes. Basically, I wanted a tool to adjust the screen res, switching between two preferred modes. This is because I do a lot of screen captures (I use Jasc Paint Shop Pro to do my basic capturing, cropping, editing etc., and it is quite good for the price), and I do not like having to right-click on the desktop, go to Properties, Settings and change the res there over and over again. So, I did a little C# programming and created this tool. You set the two preferred modes between which you want to toggle (it only shows possible modes), and stores your choices in the registry. Then, you simply click the toggle button, and it changes between them (I would include screen captures, but I cannot seem to FTP my files up to the server right now- blah).

Anyway, I wrote this thing, and I use it a lot, but I have been intending to add some new features. I wanted to add systray capability (as if I don't have enough things lurking in my systray right now). The problem is, I recently re-built my dev machine. I always figure I will lose about 5% of my info when I rebuild a machine. The source files for my little app were lost. Now, it's not that big of a deal given that this was not super difficult programming. However, I did work for a while to get use the Devmode struct the way I wanted to in C#, so I really wanted the code.

On my skunk works projects, I do not usually obfuscate the MSIL, so I found a cool little program called Reflector by Lutz Roeder (he's gotta be cool for doing this thing). It's like ILDASM on some serious EPO. What's better is that you can write add-ins for it. I downloaded one by another cool guy, Denis Bauer, and it plugs into Reflector allowing you to gen the files after you have reverse engineered the MSIL (providing you have not obfuscated the code as you normally should for anything that you want to keep buttoned up).

 Rock Thought for the day: Heard the new Cake song called "No Phone." It's a solid tune. The new album "Pressure Chief" comes out in October. Heard Rage Against the Machine's "Bulls on Parade" today. So energetic and exciting and some of the best guitar in the past decade. I also heard Red Hot Chili Peppers "Give it Away" with words like a fist that swings with a contagious, careless over-confidence.

Rock on

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