FrontPage 2003 and WSS- the essential combo

I caught this response by WSS deity Mike Walsh (see the
microsoft.public.sharepoint.windowsservices ng)  to the question of
how to sort items in the Quick Launch toolbar of a SharePoint

No. It's not possible using the web interface. You'll find that FP
2003 is
almost an essential tool for amending and enhancing WSS sites. This
is just
one example - tying in data from other databases using FP 2003's Data
being another.

Mike Walsh, Helsinki, Finland
reply to the newsgroup

It's quite true. You know, I have been what I consider a serious Web
developer (blah), and have rolled many thousands of lines of code for the Web,
but I did not really use FrontPage. With SharePoint, however, it just simplifies
so many things. It's a very mature program, and it is finding a place in my
arsenal now.

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Rolling Stones Beast of Burden was
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Comments (1)

  1. I’ve been called many things for my postings in the WSS newsgroup (mostly not complementary) but this is the first time for "deity" (!)

    Over the top, I’m afraid.

    As for the topic, I was very dubious about using FP 2002 when customizing STS (and had never used FP for the asp script-based sites I had before) but the combination FP 2003 / WSS is so much more powerful (and provided you back up first – and guess who didn’t once – *safer*).

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